Fronds that remain on the tree after they die become an eyesore and a hazard for your property as well as potential for injury. Dead fronds can also provide a home for unwanted pests and additionally they are a fire hazard. The professionals at Palm Beach Tree & Landscape remove these fronds before they become hazards in a safe manner. Keeping your property safe and beautiful all while protecting you from the risks of attempting to trim trees yourself..

Whether it’s landscaping or tree trimming every project is different. Due to the complexity and diversity of required services our pricing is based on a case by case basis. We will happily provide you with a free estimate for all projects before we begin.

We recommend that trees be trimmed once fronds begin to turn brown. This is a sign that the fronds are dry and dead. A minimum of once or twice a year to keep your property safe and beautiful is recommended.

We are proudly located in West Palm Beach, FL. However, we serve all of Palm Beach County including, but not limited to, Boca Raton, Wellington, and Jupiter FL. Please visit our Service Areas page for more information on our specific service area.

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